We had about 24 hours in Luxembourg and arrived after dark to pouring rain. This wasn’t make it work type rain…it was a storm. Everything I had planned for our time there was outdoors. So we had to improvise and search for an indoor play area to get the kids tired for bed. We had been in the car the majority of the day and they were ready to run. Fortunately, we found this great place YOYO that was jungle themed and massive. The best part was having the place to ourselves so we had a great game of hide and seek.

The next morning the rain held off and we got to see what the country looked like in the daylight. I hadn’t had huge expectations for our short trip there but I was really impressed. There were so many places I wanted to stop and take pictures but we were on very limited time. Beautiful scenery and buildings! I could have definitely use a couple more days.

Our first stop was into the Luxembourg American cemetery. 5,000 service members are laid to rest here as a result of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944-45. It has beautifully made memorials . We didn’t stay long since cemeteries are a place of respect and silence and my kids wanted to run wild and free. However, it was nice to stop by and pay our respects to those that fought for our freedom.


We next headed into the city center to find the Christmas markets. I had wanted to see them at night but the rain left us no choice but for a daytime visit. We found parking and came upon a great pirate themed park for the boys to play at. Everything was wet but they didn’t care. We are used to that in England!


The Luxembourg market was amazing. Being a weekday morning it didn’t feel crowded at all.  The boys rode the carousel repeatedly and we ate some sausages and chips while watching the city mayor give a speech for the opening ceremony. The food was some of the best we had at all the markets we went to. The areas were split up throughout the city center so we walked around and tried to experience all that we could. I only wish we had more time to visit!


 bridge in the middle of the city
The architecture in the city was beautiful. Wish we had more time to visit!


The city had a very romantic feel