We had a day in France where we had no plans so we decided to visit a small city an hour south of Strasbourg. It has such a well preserved, charming, and picturesque old town. There are cobblestone streets, canals, and of course plenty of amazing food. There is nothing like eating crepes in France! Colmar is on the Alsace wine route so it’s a popular destination for wine lovers.

You really could spend an entire day walking around old town but it was cold and we opted to take the little green train tour. The tour is about 45 minutes long and provided headphones to listen to information on the sites. I imagine this city would be gorgeous in late spring but Christmas is such a magical time to visit cities in Europe. Europeans do Christmas right with the homes and shops so festively decorated. We visited the day before the opening of the Christmas market but I can imagine it would be beautiful.

A fun fact about Colmar: the creator of the Statue of Liberty was born here!


Beautiful half timbered homes in Old Town


Kellan said this green house was his favorite




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