During our three days in Belgium we decided to take a day trip into France. I pretty much looked at the map and randomly picked a city not far from the border. Lille, France it is! We knew we wanted to do something outdoors so I just looked for green patches of land indicating a park and we headed straight there. It took about an hour driving from Bruges.

Thankfully we ended up at a complete gem. This park was beautiful; right on the Deule river with a carnival, cafe, playground, and best of all a free zoo! It ended up being a perfect outing for the kids. I couldn’t believe it didn’t  cost anything! In England we would have paid at least £10 per person. I never did catch the actual name of the park but the zoo is called Zoo de Lille if you are ever in the area.




After the zoo we drove into the city center and spent about an hour walking around the square. We didnt go into anything, just admired the architecture and took pictures. The day was very windy and cold so the kids weren’t exactly feeling it anymore. Naps were much needed. So we cut the day a little short and headed back to Belgium. All in all it was a good day trip and would be a good place to stop if you were driving through the area.


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