Christchurch Park in Ipswich

My mother has had this framed picture of herself and her sisters on a shelf for as many years as I can remember. I never paid much attention to the sign in the background until I moved to England. When I visited her in the states this summer I realized this park was only an hour from my house! So of course we had to drive to Ipswich and see where my mom used to play when she was little. Her father was stationed at a now closed military base in the area back in the late 50’s.

I was really surprised by how great this park is. First off..its huge! It has a cafe, wonderful playground and plenty of hungry ducks waiting in ponds for my children to feed. We made a stop into the visitor center and showed them the picture of my mom as a child. Of course the sign is no longer there but we figured someone may know where it used to be located. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any answers but it was still fun to snap a photo of my mom at each entrance sign to the park.



If you want somewhere to see the pretty Autumn colors this is your place. The trees are just stunning. There is so much space here to let the kids run… and definitely bring your dog. There are just as many dogs here as people. You will find plenty of paved trails for your kids to ride their bikes or scooters. It was really fun to walk around with my mom and reflect on how she probably did the same thing with her mother when she was little. I now have a new favorite park to bring my kiddos to during our time here. Life sure does come full circle!


I had the best time with my mom!

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