Sandringham House and Apple Picking

Today was a beautiful Autumn day so we loaded up the kids and drove an hour north into Sandringham. The orchard here has Cox apples (for eating), and Bramley apples (for cooking… quite sour). Parking was free and we spent about an hour picking apples, letting the kids run around with friends, and taking pictures.


Im actually a bit surprised my kids didn’t try to eat more of the apples. They always enjoy freebies when we are fruit picking but today they were pretty good about putting the apples in the bags. On the way out we picked up some adult apple cider and blueberry apple juice for the kids. Still thinking about what I want to make with all the apples we picked. Kellan voted for apple pie. I’m thinking apple butter. Maybe both!

These sticks are pretty tasty though


Just a few miles from the orchard is the Sandringham house, gardens, and museum. I think I read the Queen stays here about 50 days of the year. However, the royal family is always present at Christmas where they attend service at the nearby St Mary Magdalene church.  We plan to visit one Christmas Day during our time in England so that we can see the royals walk into church. It’s my mission to see her in person while we are here! I don’t know what it is but the Royal family fascinates me.


Just your everyday modest country home


St Mary Magdelene 


You can spend a good half day walking the estate grounds, home and museum. We only wanted to spend a couple hours here so we opted to walk the gardens and view the home from the outside. You can buy tickets for only the attractions you wish to tour. There is also a playground, cafe and gift shop across the street from the entrance so we spent some time letting the kids be wild over there.

My embarrassing moment of the day was when Kellan decided steps from where Prince John is buried that he HAD to pee right then and there and he started pulling his pants down in front of everyone. Oh, child! I don’t think he has ever been snatched up that fast in his life.

On the way home we stopped into Kings Lynn to grab some food at Frankie and Benny’s. It wasn’t the best but it was definitely kid friendly. Any place that hands my child a balloon works for me.

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