Brancaster Beach

The weather has been am-a-zing here so the beach has been where it’s at! My friend read about this gem about 1:20 away so we packed up the kiddos and headed for some fun in the sun.

Brancaster Beach is on the northern coast of Norfolk and truly child friendly. There is a paid car park, restrooms, a water spicket to rinse off, and a small beach hut that sells all the beach essentials (including our fave- soft serve ice cream). This beach is natural and sandy as far as the eye can see.

Probably a good idea to check the tides coming out here because the water is constantly moving. We went in the afternoon which meant we had to walk pretty far to get to the water and gradually move our stuff back as the water came in. There were so many dogs out on the beach as well and Carter played with this one puppy for a good while as well as flirted with its owner.


What I liked most is the water is so shallow you can walk forever and it not be above your knees. With that said the water does have a current which I found out immediately as Carter face planted and then had trouble getting back up. I had to snatch him up fast because it scared the crap outta me but he of course was like “meh”.

It’s been so nice enjoying the sunshine this week and I don’t want it to end! But then again… I kinda do since we don’t have AC and night time has been miserable in this house….

Everybody say beeeeeeach!
The moment they were done saying beach..took off running



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