Great Yarmouth

Summer finally decided to show up in England this week! Truth be told- I’ve actually been enjoying the mild summer because I am really not a huge fan of sweating. However, who doesn’t love a hot day at the beach? I know I do. So my friend and I loaded my car up with kiddos and we set off for some fun in Great Yarmouth. It’s about 1:10 away and popular in the summer. People tell me it’s reminiscent of the Jersey Shore but seeing as I’ve not been there I’ll just take their word for it.


Parking was a bit of a pain. The boardwalk area was packed being such a nice weekend. Drove around a good 15 minutes looking for a good spot because the last thing we wanted to do was walk forever to get to the action. We couldn’t bring the strollers because we needed the space for the extra car seats in my car. We ended up finding a good spot but it cost $18 for 4 hours. Yikes. If you park at one end of the beach you can take a small motor train or horse drawn carriage to the other end

The entire mile long strip of Boardwalk is filled with restaurants, food vendors, arcades, carnival rides, an aquarium and more. You can really spend some serious money down there with the kids. We first decided to grab some food, walk around and let the kids ride rides. For £2.50 you can even catch a ride on a donkey across the beach. The boys loved that. Animals are always their thing.


After exploring we walked down to the water and let the kids splash around and play in the sand. My mommy friend will argue the water was fine but to me it was freezing! We definetly spent more time playing on the pebbly beach than splashing in waves. Water shoes are a good idea here because of all the rocks. Overall, Great Yarmouth is a fun day out- especially when the sun is shining. I’m definetly planning on going back with the Hubs. We didn’t get a chance to explore the opposite end of the boardwalk, or Pleasure beach. Next time!

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