Pensthorpe Natural Park

Yesterday we drove an hour to Fakenham with friends to visit Pensthorpe Natural Park. It was a fairly warm English day and you can’t waste those indoors! This park has 700 acres of trails, lakes, and play areas. There is even an indoor play area for if it rains or parents just want to sit and have a coffee. We spent the first portion of the day just letting the kid run around and burn energy.


We had lunch at the on-site cafe and it was pretty good! The kids had some pizza and fruit and I got a jacket potato. Those are popular here and I’ve had friends say beans on a potato sounds strange…. but it really quite yummy. They had some cakes that looked incredible but I didn’t feel the boys ate enough of their lunch to deserve cake. I seriously hate when that happens. I really, really wanted cake.


After lunch we went to the indoor play area. I think we were there about ten second before Kellan got injured. I think he tried to flip on his belly halfway down the slide and he bit his lip. He was bleeding and very upset as it was painful. The staff on site was amazing and got him some water and and ice pack for his lip. He even received a “bravery button” to wear on his shirt and he thought that was pretty special. Props to the staff for being so friendly and caring!


Next, we spent time walking along the woodland trails and gardens. It was beautiful there.  They have a vast variety of birds you can feed along the trails and the kids had a good time feeding them some seed I brought from home.  Carter was a little on the timid side after a duck tried to snatch up his snack. Poor kid.


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