Pettits Animal Adventure Park

Last night I sat down and wrote down a list of places I want to take the boys this summer. It’s pretty long. First on our list: Pettits Animal Adventure Park! England has a lot of these farm/playground type parks and the boys just love them. So we hopped in the car and headed just north of Norfolk about 75 minutes away.

The first thing I need to note about this park is that it’s not the most stroller family. I brought my gigantic double stroller and immediately regretted it. The pathways were made of small pebbles and so deep that the stroller just sunk into the ground. The fact it was really wet from last night storm was the main issue. You could probably go to the park tomorrow and follow my exact path through the park by following my trail. In the end I didn’t need it anyway because the boys were really good. What I mean by that is typically they find great enjoyment in going in completely opposite directions; oblivious to what the other wants to do. I think it’s some sort of test they pull on me to see who my favorite is- who I would go after first. Ben’s siblings…even as adults.. love to joke about who the favorite sibling is with their mom and my kids are already in completion to be number one.

With that said- this is a really great park. It’s a bit expensive but if you keep your receipt you get half off entry on your next visit (same season). I’m certain we will return. It was the perfect mix of activities. The boys got to feed pigs, fish, ducks, goats and plenty more. Kellan is all about the goats. He went right into the field and hugged them and stared giving them names. Carter probably enjoyed the koi pond the most judging by how he tried to sneak through the gated enclosure and jump in with the fish. No body of water is safe when he is around

There are several playground areas. One wooden treetop type area, a construction zone where they can play in sand, a ball pit and a small indoor play area you can hang out in while you wait for your lunch from the cafe.

The rides are nothing fancy (think kiddy carnival), but both the kids were tall enough to ride everything and that’s what I like in an adventure park. There are teacups, a dumbo ride, train rides, cars, and carousel. There are also other ride-on toy attractions but you have to pay to ride those at a £1 per ride and that adds up for two kids. The arcade is also extra if you want to play games.

I wish I was able to get better pictures but the kiddos kept me busy. I’m am glad we chose to go on a weekday because the park was fairly empty. We didn’t have to wait in any lines and the weather was gorgeous.  The best part was the kids had so much fun they passed out as soon as they got in the car- which meant I got to drive back listening to my freakonomics radio podcast. That never happens… score!!!


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