Ben is going to be away for a few months so we decided to go somewhere fun this weekend. About an hour away outside of Norwich is a large outdoor play park I knew my kids would enjoy. It’s a bit expensive… Even though the kids were free we still paid £30/$44 for two adult tickets. That’s not a cheap day out. Especially after factoring in the snacks and ice cream we purchased. Okay… The ice cream was amazing so I def won’t be complaining about the price there. But the sticker shock living in England is real.

Bewilderwood has a theme based around magic and fairy tales. Entering the park you take a short boat ride where they tell you a story on the magic of the park. The boat ride alone was enough to impress my kids. Anything involving the water makes them happy (just like their mama).


The park is made into sections of play areas with tree houses, mazes, slides, and various other playground adventures. They divide them by age groups but we were able to do most everything by assisting the boys. I figure this is why the park charges based off height instead of age. They assume small children won’t be able to do a lot of the activities but if you walk with your toddlers through the playgrounds in the trees they will be just fine. However, if I had been by myself with the kids we would have had to stick to the toddler areas. I had a friend that wanted to go with us but having three small children plus being pregnant she thought it would be too much to chase the kids around and she was right. I know my kids always want to go in opposite directions! A lot of climbing and small spaces.




There is also an area in the “big hat” where you can make crafts and get your face painted. Kellan got a frog on his and Carter was against the idea entirely. Probably because that would mean allowing another human being other than his mama get close to him.



My favorite attraction in the park was the story time. Three times a day they tell three different fairy tales and the kids get to go up on the stage and be participants. They bring out a chest of dress up clothes and Kellan had a fun time with that. We ended up going to two of the story times. The first one they got to make a potion and the second one they got to go “fishing” in a scary lake. Very cute!



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