Thomas Land

The moment Ben got notice we would be moving to England I started thinking of how I was going to make the transition easier on the kids. When we moved to Pensacola…boy did Kellan have a really rough period adjusting. Now, this could have also been due to the fact we also had a new baby at the time combined with Ben immediately  leaving for a few months of training. We still wanted to make sure we talked about the move as much as possible to prepare him for all the changes.

When we discovered there was a Thomas Land near where we would be moving that became our incentive in encouraging him to become excited about the move. We talked about it constantly. Anyone that knows my son knows he is obsessed with all things Thomas the train. He knows every character….and there are a lot. We talked about it so much I think I became more excited to go there than anyone. So we HAD to go on opening day!

Thomas Land is an area inside the Drayton Manor amusement park. Tickets are cheaper if you get them more than 7 days in advance or even the day before you arrive. You can still buy your tickets when you arrive to the park but it’s costly. The park is about a 2 hour and 15 minute drive from our house so we woke up early to make the drive and arrive as soon as the park opened.

I think it’s probably safe to say Kellan had the best day of his life. The rides were age appropriate and Carter got to ride the majority of them as well. The best part was the park was very slow and for the most part we got to walk right on to each ride. Nobody wants to wait in long lines with two toddlers in tow. We were able to do everything in the Thomas Land area as well as walk the rest of the park, view the zoo area, and eat two meals while still leaving the park before closing at 5:30. Our bonus of the day was being handed complentary tickets for another visit to Drayton Manor! Score!  No excuse not to visit again…

Annoyed I asked to take his photo while he was enjoying the Winston ride.
Indoor play area
Carter lovin’ the carousel
Sir Topham Hat
The boys riding on Mavis

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