Horsey Beach

It’s been two weeks since I have seen the beach so I jumped at the chance to head to the coast when I saw the weather forecast at 55 today. I am just a water person at heart and have only lived one year of my life in a landlocked state or country. Every time Ben comes up for a new PCS my main priority is always being somewhere by a beach! The water is too cold to swim in I fear but I still enjoy walking around and exploring.

Today we drove 80 minutes to a beach north of Norwich. Horsey Beach is known for the seals that mate on its shores during the winter. Kellan is a huge animal lover so I knew this was his kind of excursion. We parked at the Horsey Gap car park and paid 3 pounds. Just across the dunes we walked about 20 minutes looking at all the pebbles and seashells. I even found a piece of sea glass! The edges were still a bit rough so I threw it back in the water for someone else to enjoy when its just right.


Once we got to the area where the seals were I was shocked by how many were there. Too many to count! They mostly paid no mind to us and Carter squealed to be let down and pet one. There were a few babies and one in particular was showing off for us. The boys had a great time and the excursion as a whole was easier than I thought it would be with the kids in tow. What a great experience getting to witness so many seals in their environment.


On the way back we decided to walk on top of the massive dunes. The views were beautiful but the wind was brutal! It was a warm day today, thankfully.


On the way back home Carter fell asleep instantly so we had to do a drive through for lunch. McDonalds, it is! I would say it is pretty on par with what you would expect from back home. I was hoping it would be like the gourmet McDonald’s you find in Japan! One major difference is their coke tastes much different. I would describe it as less fizzy and syrupy.

We are having so much fun exploring England. Stay tuned for more updates on the Mutz family!

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